Chalk board badges

Here's a quick, simple and contemporary solution for you!

Our chalk board badges are ideal for businesses with high staff turnover or lots of temporary staff, such as cafes, restaurants and retailers.

Mark the surface of the badge yourself using a special white or coloured "chalk" pen either water based or removable with a chalk pen remover.

Minimum order quantity 100 badges with fitted brooch pins and 3 white pens.
Special Offers

Create your own chalk badges!

Give a cool modern twist to your name badges using chalkboard.  Have a completely finished badge within seconds and bring the memories of school flooding back! Attach the fastening to the reverse of the badge, peel off protective coat on the badge then let your imagination go with the waterproof chalk markers!

£165 inc UK delivery

Chalkboard badge kits contain: 100 Chalkboard badges, 100 self-adhesive pins,  2 water resistant chalk markers,  Spray remover &  Plastic box

  • Neutral DIY Name Badges
  • Cafe
  • Restaurant
  • Retail
  • Groups
  • Clubs
  • Meetings
  • Events
  • Schools
  • Black
Product Specification
Width: 70mm mm
Height: 35mm mm
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