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About Us

Founded as Stoffel and Co. in Horn Switzerland, in 1926, Unisto specialises in solutions that guarantee the security and authenticity of products and brands from manufacturing origin to point of sale.

An international company, Unisto has a reputation for innovative design. Close collaboration with customers and industry specialists drives the introduction of unique products in response to identified market needs, using the latest materials and technology.

Highly sophisticated manufacturing facilities backed by the design skills and applications experience of our in-house teams allow us to be flexible in meeting wide-ranging customer requirements and to offer total solutions based on quality and maximum cost-effectiveness.

Unisto Horn

The Unisto name is a symbol of originality and authenticity around the world, assisting our clients to:
  • Clearly identify and enhance the image of their products and company
  • Protect goods, premises and sensitive equipment or information against tampering and theft

For more information about Unisto please see our other websites:

Main UK Website: www.unisto.co.uk 

http://www.brand-premium.org.uk - Brand Premiumisation
http://www.brand-tag.org.uk - Brand Tags & Display
http://www.reusable-seals.org.uk - Reusable Electronic Security Seals
http://www.security-seals.org.uk - Security Seals


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