Pin Badges

Our finely engineered brooch pin holds your badge securely with minimum damage to the fibres in your clothing. Our pin badges often have integral breast pocket clip fastenings as an easy alternative to pinning.

If you prefer not to pin badges to your clothing, please see our magnetic badge pages.  

Unisto Tammy Enamel Badges
Enamel Badges
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Unisto Fancyline Bespoke Name Badges
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Unisto First Aider Enamel Button Badges
First Aider Buttons
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Unisto Freeline Bespoke Name Badges
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Unisto Image Name Badge
Image Name Badge
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Unisto Logo Plate Name Badge
Logo Plate
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Name Board
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Unisto Outline Name Badge
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Unisto Papillon Name Badge
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Economy Small Gold with Logo
Economy Big White


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